June 2018

65 years with our orange classic

65 years with our orange classic

From professional carpentry to home chair repairs, Cascol is the most popular wood adhesive in the Nordic region. Ever since its launch in 1953, the water-based formula has been known for its strength and reliability. The orange bottle – introduced in the 1970’s – is easily recognisable by people of all ages, from experienced carpenters to young schoolchildren.

Throughout the years, Cascol has grown into a whole family of products: Cascol Indoor for fast gluing, Cascol Outdoor for moisture resistance, Cascol Winter for sub-zero indoor conditions, Cascol Floor for wooden floors and Cascol Polyurethane for gluing wood to wood,  metal and plastic.

The whole Cascol family is in line with health and environmental requirements. Cascol Floor´s latest formula – developed in 2017 – features low emissions and minimal odour, earning it an M1 certification.


Casco offers a wide range of high-quality products both for professionals and DIY-users. We supply our customers through retailers and wholesalers with leveling compounds, primers, floor and wall adhesives, tile adhesives, grouts, sealants, assembly mastics, waterproof membranes etc.