September 2018

Bring out the best in your walls

This month sees the launch of our brand new Casco Wall line, featuring a complete assortment of adhesives and levelling compounds. Whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, in dry or wet areas, you can count on easy, quick and reliable results.

Casco Wall features a wide range of high-performance adhesives for all kinds of wall coverings, from vinyl, fibreglass and heavy-duty coverings for wet rooms, to thin wallpaper with sensitive print.

And whatever the surface, you can rely on Casco Wall’s levelling compounds to make your work smoother, from the smallest of repairs to large holes and full surface levelling.

Both our adhesives and our levelling compounds are available in ready-mixed and powder solution, to better suit your particular needs.

The Casco Wall line has just been rolled out. Keep an eye out!

For more information about the products, click below:
Wall levelling powder (introduced in April 2019)