Pistolskum Snabb DISCONTINUES december 2020

To be used as insulation and sealing between window- and door frames.

Fixation of tubes, wall panels and roof stones in house, car and boat. For thermal insulation. Has good adhesion to most materials and even to damp surfaces.

Technical data


One-component polyurethane foam

Tack free time

Approx. 10 minutes at room temperature

Cutting time

Approx. 30 minutes when 30 mm width joint at room temperature. Longer time with thicker beads or lower temperature and humidity.

Curing time

Max. 12 h at + 23°C Max. 18 h at + 5°C


The cured foam can be over painted with most paints or sealed with an elastic sealant.

Order info

Material No.

494308 DISCONTINUES december 2020. Replaced by 655094 Casco GunFoam.





Component / color

Off white to yellowish


Pistolskum Snabb DISCONTINUES december 2020