March 2018

For floors that need to last

Casco Floor Expert is a complete one-brand solution designed for professional floor application. The entire product range has been developed to meet high demands on quality and durability, as well as environmental aspects.

Its most recent additions are the floor adhesives CascoLin Plus and CascoProff HighTack. April 2018 sees the launch of CLS, a cement-based, fast-setting screed for levelling in slopes.

Reference: Landamärkeskolan

A fairly recent example of a project where Casco Floor Expert was chosen for its reliability is the primary school Landamärkeskolan in Gothenburg, Sweden. A long-term, environmentally sustainable flooring solution was required, with a high ability to withstand daily wear and tear, and – of course – all required certifications.

Massive wood floors were suggested for their aesthetics and long lifespan; also, once worn down they can be re-sanded rather than replaced. As industrial parquet offers all of these qualities at an affordable price, it was a natural choice. For the best and most long-lasting results, floor supplier Kasthall recommended an adhesive-based application – more specifically, Parkett Elastic Plus from Casco Floor Expert.

The results: a robust but attractive flooring throughout the school, contributing to a pleasant atmosphere with a light and natural feel.


Casco offers a wide range of high-quality products both for professionals and DIY-users. We supply our customers through retailers and wholesalers with leveling compounds, primers, floor and wall adhesives, tile adhesives, grouts, sealants, assembly mastics, waterproof membranes etc.