April 2018

Responsible choices – all the way

For us, health and environmental issues are not just fancy words – they are a very real part of what we do, with very real consequences for both our company and our customers.

In our production process, we are constantly exploring new ways of minimising our products’ health and environmental effects without compromising on quality. We are of course ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified,  and offer a wide range of products that follow some well-known classifications, such as:

: A German-based quality control classification system for adhesives and flooring/construction products, where EC1 and EC1PLUS stand for low-emitting materials.

: A classification system specifying emission requirements for materials used in ordinary work spaces and residences, with respect to good indoor air quality. M1 stands for low emissions.
Dust-reduced: With up to 90% less particles, our dust-reduced products are healthier and more convenient – and their quality is just as high as in our standard products.
Also, thanks to our R&D efforts, we have been able to greatly reduce the amount of hazardous chemicals in our products. Most of our products are unclassified, meaning they are considered safe from a health and environmental perspective. Any products containing hazardous substances are classified and labelled according to the EU’s CLP regulations.

CLP: The Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation includes a system of standardised symbols for various safety and health risks associated with chemical substances and mixtures.


Casco offers a wide range of high-quality products both for professionals and DIY-users. We supply our customers through retailers and wholesalers with leveling compounds, primers, floor and wall adhesives, tile adhesives, grouts, sealants, assembly mastics, waterproof membranes etc.