January 2016

Simply clever!

One brand, all possibilities: Casco Floor Expert. A simple solution that makes your work easier you now need only one brand to create high quality floors. Casco Floor Expert is the professional base for successful work: easy to apply, reliable and with a simple and clearly structured product range. Take a look!

You know SCHÖNOX floor levelling compounds? Then you know Casco Floor Expert floor levelling compounds!

We have turned SCHÖNOX floor levelling compounds into Casco Floor Expert to make life easier for you: one brand for everything you need to create professional floors. And the brand new packaging shows you everything you need to know – simple, clear and in detail:

  • Clear information about characteristic: “Hand”, “Flow” or “Base”
  • Product colours are clearly related to product category
  • New icons give you all the most important infos at a glance
  • Clear information what to use the product for
  • Product names remain the same
  • Key information easy to find and to understand > easy to select and pick up the right product“
  • SCHÖNOX Technology” printed on every package

You know Casco floor adhesives? Then you know Casco Floor Expert floor adhesives!

Casco adhesive are well known and recognized amongst floor contractors for decades. Never change a winnig team: You’ll surely get warm with the new, modern and improved design. Becuase it makes it simple for you to recognize and classify the different adhesives.

  • Clear information about field of use
  • Product names remain the same
  • Product colours remain the same
  • Clearly connected to Casco Expert Floor levelling compounds  


Casco offers a wide range of high-quality products both for professionals and DIY-users. We supply our customers through retailers and wholesalers with leveling compounds, primers, floor and wall adhesives, tile adhesives, grouts, sealants, assembly mastics, waterproof membranes etc.