Leading producer of building adhesives - Casco
Leading producer of building adhesives

Leading producer of building adhesives

Casco is a leading producer of building adhesives in the Nordic countries, and also holds strong market positions in the Baltic States, Ukraine and Russia. We offer a wide selection of high-quality products that are in demand among conventional DIY-users, as well as professional constructors.

Casco product portfolio consists of following product groups:

-       Floor and wall adhesives
-       Wood adhesives
-       Sealants
-       Assembly mastics
-       Foams
-       Contact adhesives
-       Floor and wall leveling compounds
-       Wall leveling pastes
-       Primers
-       Membranes
-       Grouts
-       Tile adhesives
-       Household adhesives
-       Cleaning products
-       Accessories
Casco brand has a history of almost 100 years and we are proud of accumulated knowledge and invaluable experience in developing new products and technologies. Our R&D department and technical support team ensure that all products are developed in close collaboration with our customers and meet their highest demands and expectations.