April 2018

RX Original - 75 years!

RX Original - 75 years!

Casco RX Glue was originally developed for preventing the fragmentation of window glasses during the second World War in 1943. Today RX Original is used in millions of households, schools and offices on a daily basis.

The product, based on Revertex, was invented by Martin Bjurvald, known as “Dr RX” at the time.

The first RX adhesive, an office and household glue, was launched in small bottles. Today RX Original, in grey triangular bottle, also has a sister package – a water based RX Aqua in a green bottle.

The RX adhesive is archival, transparent and can be used for paper, photo, cardboard, and leather and does not wrinkle the paper. The package has a built-in applicator to facilitate application and ensure correct amount of glue.


Casco offers a wide range of high-quality products both for professionals and DIY-users. We supply our customers through retailers and wholesalers with leveling compounds, primers, floor and wall adhesives, tile adhesives, grouts, sealants, assembly mastics, waterproof membranes etc.